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Altona Primary School



Altona Primary School has been developing its facilities based on a long term strategy and Master Plan concept.

Altona Primary School is in the western bay-side suburb of Altona Vic with a community dedicated in the School Performing Arts and Sports
The School has an enrolment of 494 with a ceiling capped at 500 students as agreed by Western Metropolitan Region DEECD Vic.

This project provided the School

  1. Replacement of the Pre –LTC (Light Timber Construction) classrooms (5No) and the free standing toilet block with new Learning Studios - 6 No (GPC's), student toilets, a Learning Street with associated flexible and dedicated areas inclusive Staff Meeting Centre, Community resources area, Staff Resource, Reading Resource, Staff Toilets and an open IT Learning Resource Hub.
  2. The extension of the Performing Arts Centre by means of adding a canteen, toilets and Community Hub enables the Performing Arts Centre to be utilized by the school and the Community
  3. A dedicated Arts Centre North of the performing Arts Centre created the link to the Performing/ Visual Arts Facility
  4. Much needed dedicated landscaped open play and passive seating areas

Altona Primary obtained DEECD - BST funding relating to 2 No Learning Studios and Music Facility
The BST project was combined with the BER Works as per the Master-plan proposal so the total redevelopment occurred as part of the one project
Demolition included the PRE LTC buildings, the Bristol building and the free standing toilets to facilitate the full redevelopment of the School Site

School's Background Information
The School has provided a Performance Arts Centre with previous Federal funding and school contributions, which has formed the nucleus in the overall development of the new facilities
It has also upgraded the existing Library together with a new ICT Centre
All of the above works were Project managed by BDS & Assoc p/l